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Meet Dyamond! Dyamond is an outstanding barber & stylist that came to Waltham’s Finest Grooming Lounge determined to cut men’s hair like the best of the best! She joined our team eager to learn, yet more importantly, she was even more keen to teach! Since Waltham’s Finest is a barbershop, we don’t typically get the long haired scissor cuts to often, but when we do, most barbers dread doing that service. Dyamond, took it upon herself to coordinate a training to demonstrate to the other barbers how to cut long hair, strategically and correctly. She has also taken it upon herself to learn the detailed work of barbers as well as managing and operating our newly added state of the art Nail Lounge. With her consistent drive and dedication, she gets much closer each day to mastering her crafts. We are pleased to announce, Dyamond as our Most Improved Barber of 2020!


Meet Alyssa! Alyssa is Co-Owner of Waltham’s Finest Grooming Lounge. She has been a part of our team since 2017. After completing her apprenticeship under owner, Gusto, she became a full time employee. Alyssa continues to grow on a weekly basis due to her consistency in giving an impeccable haircut. She shows constant desire and diligence in her work, which supports that she is a highly skilled barber. She enjoys what she does for a living, and it shows not only in her work, but in her persona! The fact that she continues to better herself each day as a barber has made her become the second Master Barber within Waltham’s Finest Grooming Lounge. The reviews on google can attest that after receiving one haircut from Alyssa, that will not be your last.


Meet Gusto! Gusto is the CEO of Waltham’s Finest Grooming Lounge. He has been a licensed barber since 2008. Gusto learned to cut hair at an early stage of his life; at just 15 years old he began to cut his own hair, and by 19 years old he was cutting for his close friends and family. He turned his grandmothers shed into a barbershop and he had a line out the door. Gusto opened up Waltham’s Finest Barbershop in 2011, after 7 years in the business he decided to convert the barbershop into a futuristic Grooming lounge, now known as, Waltham’s Finest Grooming Lounge.

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